What Clients Say

Gerardo de la Piedro and Paola Ruchman -Alicorp, Peru: “
Anieke is a real partner. She didn’t just “gave us what we were asking for”, but she worked with us to really make sure she understood the root and scope of the problem at hand, from the perspective of different stakeholders. As a result the deliverable was so much more valuable than we could ever imagined and it’s having an important impact on different areas of the company.”

Harmen Kielstra – AkzoNobel Decorative Paints, UK: “Based on her extensive innovation experience, Anieke needs only a few hours to understand the specific company dynamics and get to the critical areas for successful innovation. Her expertise covers both operational innovation project themes as well as strategic positioning of front end innovation activities.”

Bart vander Velpen – Royal Haskoning, The Netherlands: “Anieke is a very inspiring enthousiastic professional who helps me indicate the required attitude of our staff to stimulate ‘market-led’ innovation within our organisation. Based on her relevant experience from other companies and inspired by her broad professional network, she is able to develop in close collaboration with me a well considered transition strategy

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